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About Us

Jennifer & Khalid

Y todo comenzó bailando, bailando ~ And it all started with dancing, dancing

Take a chance, let's dance

Take a chance, let’s dance

It was late in the summer of 2010, at a Tuesday night Mambo Dinamico salsa social that we met.  Our first interaction was sharing a mutual love of music and dance.  After that, we continued to dance when we saw each other at various Raleigh-Durham salsa functions.

It wasn’t until Jennifer invited me to a dinner party at her house that we had the opportunity to start getting to know each other. As the party winded down and people began to leave, I volunteered to stay behind and help her get things in order.  After we finished cleaning up, we just sat at the dining room table and talked, and talked, and talked.

Shortly after that, we started cooking for each other, watching TV, and going out to the movies.  These activities were always accompanied by long discussion about religion, relationships, raising kids and much more.  Over time, we grew to be best friends.

We’ve been through many ups and downs, but with God’s help we have managed to strengthen our relationship with every experience.  Over time, our strong friendship developed into a romantic one which reached a major milestone on January 26, 2014 when I knelt before her with a ring, and she agreed to marry me.

We’ll continue to laugh together, struggle together, watch TV and movies together, run together, dress up in costumes together, see the world together, be there for our families together,– and DANCE together – forever.